Contingent Resource Management Application (CRMA)

Tool To Regulate Your Contractual Workforce


Jobs Well Done

S+ & S iN

US MNC acquires an Indian Manufacturing Company - We were identified for post acquisition Integration Support and Turnaround Project .


European Corporate giant attracted to Made in India initiative. We helped in establishing sourcing base in India.


Complex Industrial Product offering company struggling with product selection and quote. We were identified for automation of selection and quote process.

S core

European Automotive biggie struggling to manage & control contracts even after 15 years of establishing base in India. We assisted in Streamlining contracts and managing obligations

S i

A 30 years old medium size manufacturing Company facing challenges relating to employee retention, low morale, distrust. We supported Talent retention and management

S iN

A Private fund keen to invest in diverse but growth oriented companies. We aided the investment in education, defence, IT sector whilst structuring, due diligence, definitive agreements